Eco-Friendly :












QR codes are eco-friendly as they require less paper products and can save companies money by having to print less.  QR Codes can make more efficient use of printed materials and reduce waste. The same QR Code can be used for multiple promotions.  Changes made on a QR Code is also instant.


 Integrate with Social Media with ease :


You can use QR Codes and social media to build awareness, gain online visibility, keep your customers engaged and promote your company’s inventory, brand and customer base.  We will post customer testimonials, information about your business and a link to view the shared content on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn which will help your company to maintain a favourable online reputation and generate new leads and referrals.  By using social media you can reduce your cost of acquiring new clients by letting your message go viral across multiple lead and referral generation platforms. 


 Track Your Leads :

The most luring fact about using our QR code system is that the QR code provides you with an opportunity to know how often people are scanning your QR codes along with providing information on how effective the QR codes are. It can also be used to identify segments of the target market that are more interested in a particular aspect of your product or service. With our built in CRM Data Collection System, we can also provide you with the name and contact details of the person who scanned the QR Code.  This is all done within the bounds of the POPI Act.


 Silent Salesman :

Never lose potential business again by not being open after hours, public holidays or on Sundays.  Your business can be open 24/7 and 365 days of the year!  A QR Code would mean having a digital brochure and client information form available to clients while you are not there.  Now you can generate more “hot” leads and keep track of them.


 Cut your marketing costs :

A QR Code can be generated, embedded and distributed at a very low expense in comparison to physically printed material.  QR Codes can easily be linked to Special Promotions, Mobile business web sites, Survey and questionnaires, Contact / business cards and Special events.   QR Codes gives effective, fast and transparent communication to existing and new clients.  Advertise on our website and allow clients to view your product in more detail and create a brochure to take home.  Stay ahead of competitors with the latest marketing for your business and be set apart as a leader in strategic marketing. 


QR Business Cards :

Place QR codes on the back of business cards for your sales staff.  Engage your clients and let them scan the code and enable them to save your contact details directly on their smartphone.  This will also allow clients to easily stay in contact with you via their smartphone, access key information at and on their terms and keep you top of mind with them.


Advanced Analytics and Reporting :

Our advanced detailed reporting allows you to view the scan activity on each QR Code, including the total number of scans, the date and time of each scan, Geo location of each scan, user device types and number of scans per device.  In your monthly report you will be able to see how well our system has worked for you from day 1 and how your leads, sales and conversion rates have improved with month-to-month comparisons.


Mobile App for your Business :

There are over 10 million smart phone users today just in South Africa and over 53% of local internet searches are done from mobile phones.  It takes a second to launch an app and it can function offline or in areas with bad reception.  With a mobile app for your business you can build loyalty and relationships with your clients, reinforce your brand, increase your visibility and your accessibility, generate repeat business and enhance your social networking strategies.  You can send push notifications to your clients informing them of new stock, special events, launches, promotions etc.  Clients can easily access your inventory and contact information, get directions to your location and schedule appointments etc.  The app is always visible on your client’s phone’s home screen constantly reminding your client of your business which then adds to effective marketing and ROI for your company.